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Besides the advantages of GigaCom services, which are superior in all aspects to those of big telecommunication operators, our clients can also take advantage of operating Ethernet Point-to-Point (PTP) exclusive connections between its sites, without sharing it in any way and without any oversubscription.

This allows LAN-to-LAN connections to be established without the creation of Virtual LANs or VPNs over other networks or the use of the ISO/OSI layer 3. None of that applies to the GigaCom solutions, which provides solely interference-free connections, of up to 1 Gbps Full Duplex in 2 layers and with absolute control of the use of the band provided, with the same quality, performance and level of service rendered by optical networks.

As a consequence, exclusive Ethernet Point-to-Point (PTP) connections of GigaCom, also known as one-hop IP networks, are ideal for:

aplicacoes gigacom

and any other LAN-to-LAN application.