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The Company

The Broadband Point-to-Point (PTP) technology

The Company, which was established in 1991 as a software company, has evolved with the purpose of keeping pace with the constant growth in our customers’ needs.
Since its beginning, GigaCom has achieved an excellent reputation in the wireless network field and has become a leader in the creation and development of broadband wireless Point-to-Point (PTP) technology solutions in Brazil.

Developing Our Own Wireless Solutions

In the last 3 years and a half, GigaCom has invested millions of Dollars in Research and Development of a microwave link Fast Ethernet with Native IP, in view of the constant demand of links between sites without optical fibers connection. As a result, Gigicaom can now produce a variety of Point-to-Point solutions, with a capacity from 100 Mbps to 500 Mbps within a range of more than 30 kilometers, which is perfect for the effectiveness of LAN-to-LAN solutions between sites, enabling its users to rapidly back up another site, to concentrate IT research, to have access to information in different locations and to have a remote network administration, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Wireless Network Services
Gigcaom has a full range of wireless network services, with experts and engineers highly qualified, and offers its clients the best service, from sales department to infrastructure installation and maintenance.

This guarantees great satisfaction of our clients and strengthen our competitiveness.
As modem developer and microwave transmitter, GigaCom can rapidly adapt its production line to provide to its clients solutions, which satisfy and exceed its expectations, keeping up with network and IT evolutions.

Performance Equivalent to Optical Fiber
Nowadays, the GigaCom production line is entirely focused on IP wireless network technology. The Point-to-Point (PTP) microwave link Teralink, produced by GigaCom offers a performance equivalent to the performance of an optical fiber. With the objective of performing as an optical fiber, the microwave link Teralink was developed to operate at ISO/OSI level 1, to eliminate the delays and high latencies due to the conversion of OC3 and DS3.

Excellent Reputation Among its Clients

With equipments installed in more than 50 organizations, including governmental organizations, such as the Brazilian Army, Federal Judiciary of Brazil and the Republic of Angola, and big companies such as Embraer, Telefonica, Edwards, Wal-Mart, Kodak, Itaú, KPMG, Bank Boston and several others, Gigcacom is the market leader in LAN-to-LAN connectivity in Brazil.

The perfect WiMAX Backhaul

Considering that the age of WiMAX is just beginning, GigaCom developed a microwave link specifically suited to for WiMAX backhaul.
A microwave link of 200 Mbps Fast Ethernet Full Duplex with Native IP, which can endure the total bandwidth need of a complete WiMAX Base Station. The radio Teralink ATX-200 perfectly connects to the WiMAX equipment, acting as its ideal Backhaul.


Our Microwaves Links
All of our microwaves links already have the permanent operation license from ANATEL (the National Telecommunication Agency of Brazil) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission of the USA)